Our Drone Solutions service offers a full range of consulting services to help analyse your business requirements. We provide turn-key solutions by selecting the suitable drone platforms, the appropriate training program for your personnel, and  after sales support.

We are drone based solutions provider that specialises in consulting, design & development, system integration and managed services solutions.

we have now embraced the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) and their ability to integrate auto-ID technologies to provide a unique set of mission capabilities that were previously not possible or even envisioned.

Exponent has developed UAS platforms with multi-functional payload/sensors that address a wide range of operational data acquisition and analytics requirements of businesses across various industry verticals such as Surveillance, Photogrammetry, Traffic Management, Asset/Infrastructure Inspection & Management, Agricultural Inspection among others.


Thanks to the technological watch performed by our engineers, our UAVs are always offering the most advanced features. Indeed, our drones are professional solutions that are constantly improved by our R&D department.


Technology more commonly known as RFID is used to automatically identify products and assets with little human intervention; much like barcode and QR codes. Exponent’s ground breaking solution can use both active and passive RFID tags as well as QR labels allowing for a large range of products and assets to be identified.

The use of Exponent’s solutions again changes the paradigm, in traditional asset inspections of bridges, towers and power lines – requires moving large amount of equipment to the asset and then placing personnel in high risk situations to complete the inspection. We have the ability to place infrared, ultra violet and hi-definition cameras on a UAS; these sensors now can perform inspections remotely and safely and without the logistical need of mobilizing significant inspection equipment and personnel.



Unified Traffic Management OS (UTMOS)-

Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) is a “traffic management” ecosystem for uncontrolled operations that is separate from, but complementary to, the FAA’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.
UTM stands for Unmanned Traffic Management, and refers to systems created to manage drone traffic.
A good way to look at UTM is that it’s a system designed to keep drones and other types of aircraft from colliding.

Whether you fly for fun or professionally, our solutions for drone pilots will help you plan and conduct your flights safely, efficiently and remain compliant with local laws. What’s more, when you fly with us, you’re helping to keep the skies safer, for everyone.


Providing unparalleled visibility in UAV/RPAS Operations, our portal caters to aviation regulator’s need to integrate drones within civilian approved airspace.  Coupled with Exponent’s SkyCommander Tracker, the portal allows authorities to manage a host of UAV/RPAS flight operation functions such as UAV/RPAS, Pilot, NOC management & Billing from a single operational console.

Overlaid with dedicated ADS-B civil air traffic data – UAV/RPAS separation data can be monitored in near real time, with automated alerts generated based upon customizable metrics as defined by the regulator.  Data is stored and available for audit as a flight replay or as a data export for integration with 3rd party tools.

Reports can be generated at the flight level or aggregated over time, pilot, RPAS, alert type or any combination of the above to provide a comprehensive analytical tool to study RPAS/UAV and ultimately pilot behaviours.
The portal has built in extensibility to allow enterprise deploy their own applications via API to enable payload data visualization and analytics.


Exponent’s highly technical team of engineers have designed and implemented a flight data recorder. Installed in each UAS, this unit provides continue near real-time feedback of the UAS flight parameters ensuring safe and transparent missions. Speed, altitude, position, roll, pitch and yaw angles can all be monitored on a central portal over the internet, anywhere, while the UAS flight progresses.