PDF Women and Alcoholism: A Biopsychosocial Perspective and Treatment Approaches Fred Hanna

Content Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Summary Effective Communication In Health Care Psychological Outreach’s women’s treatment centers combine supportive services such as parenting and life skills groups, vocational counseling, recovery planning, women’s health education, and more. Family members and loved ones are involved in care, to address family issues. Outreach’s multilingual health … Read more

Alcohol intoxication & withdrawal

Content First Thing to Consider: What Is Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)? Addiction What happens when a person is intoxicated? Survival after a serum ethanol concentration of 1½% Start Your Recovery at Peace Valley Recovery Toxicity or overdose The symptoms of ethanol intoxication depend on both the serum concentration as well as the frequency at which … Read more

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Alcohol Use

Content How to Calm My Anxiety After Drinking? Types of Anxiety Disorders When Does Anxiety Go Away After Quitting Drinking? What About a Panic Attack During a Hangover? Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety Disorder The evidence-based treatment program also marks a crucial step to your healing. At Granite, we incorporate the 12-step curriculum that … Read more